Virtual Magic Show

With an extensive background performing on television and computer screens, Nash’s expertise in connecting with viewers on-screen can help you facilitate a virtual event that will engage and entertain everyone.

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The Secret

Our attention spans wane quickly in video conferences. To maintain a high level of audience engagement, our virtual programs must be fast paced and highly interactive where everyone is participating instead of just staring at the screen.


In essence, the more people we can involve in our programs, the more engaged they’ll be.

What to expect

In Nash’s virtual magic shows, your guests will take part in many interactive illusions using their household items. Mysterious feats will physically unfold to those items in their hands, creating a ‘hands-on’ experience for your virtual event.

Whether you have 10 or 1,000 people, all attendees can participate in these interactive illusions together. It is a great way to engage every participant in your “Zoom meeting”, making it a highly collaborative and fun activity for your group.

Available for corporate events and virtual conferences. All programs are family friendly so our guests can invite their households to join.

“Thank you so much for another amazing virtual magic show! It’s incredible how it gets better each time I see it!”
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Linh Le
Microsoft Project Manager
“Great job Nash. That was an amazing show. I was looking at their screen and thinking “he should see how much they are enjoying this!”
Matthew M.
Facebook Event Specialist
“Thanks so much for yesterday! Everyone really enjoyed it. Super engaging, just what we needed!"
Sam Reeder
Google Event Specialist

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Phone: 425-772-9411 (USA)