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For 18 years, Nash worked as a professional magician by day and a crisis line volunteer by night, this unique path has taught him many meaningful lessons. He learned how to stay innovative as a magician who continues to create new illusions. From volunteering at the crisis line, he mastered the empowering skill of empathetic communication. Now as a keynote speaker, he is eager to share these tools with your attendees to add values to their lives.

If you are looking for an engaging speaker who can captivate your attendees with interesting life experiences and relevant knowledge, Nash can help you with his keynote options below.


Curiosity & Innovation Keynote

Discover how fostering a culture driven by curiosity can help your team become more innovative and drive in more success in today’s competitive marketplace.


This entertaining keynote weaves magic, comedic stories, and key takeaways is perfect for association conferences, emerging leaders summits & other professional development meetings.  (Read more)

The Magic of Empathetic Leadership Keynote

Communication techniques for empathetic leaders

Drawing from his 16+ years of experience as a volunteer phone worker for the Seattle’s crisis line, Nash will share five powerful empathetic communication techniques to help your leaders lead with empathy, build stronger bonds among teammates, and creates more trust from your team to achieve new heights. (Read more)

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