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The surest way to fall behind is to stay in status quo. So how do you inspire your team to be more innovative to stay ahead of the competition? Nash believes he has an engaging keynote that will inspire that drive in your audience while keeping them fully captivated and entertained.  

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Keynote "Fuel Your Curiosity. The magic behind innovative thinking"

A magician must innovate and invent new magic or their act will become obsolete. But isn’t that true in your industry as well? Don’t you also have to stay innovative to keep ‘your magic’ going?


This is where Nash can help. His keynote unveils how magicians stay innovative by always being curious to study their audience, explore what ifs, welcome new ideas, and take action to disrupt the status quo. He will inspire your conference attendees to adapt this magician’s approach so they can be more innovative and create more impactful ideas together.


Attendees’ Inspirational Outcomes

1 Learn to avoid the 3 biggest mistakes that stunts innovation.
2 Listen more to the people they serve to innovate for impact
3 Become more collaborative & open minded to others’ ideas when brainstorming in teams
4 Adapt a curious learning attitude so they learn more from your conference/meeting

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"The keynote went above and beyond our expectations [...] Nash "raised the bar" as we like to say in Amazon"
Phoebe Dunne
EMEA Program Coordinator
"I was particularly happy to hear from those who were initially concerned that we hired "a magician" as a keynote speaker. They were all impressed by how Nash seamlessly tied his magic with meaningful takeaways."
Marcia Hall
Executive Director
"Nash's Keynote aligned perfectly with our vision to believe beyond what's possible. Our team loved the interactivity of the presentation"
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Alice Morris
Executive Assistant

Keynote Topic 1: The Magic of Empathetic Leadership

Click here to learn more about Nash’s empathetic leadership keynote. Drawing from his 16+ years of experience as a crisis line volunteer, Nash will teach your attendees effective communication tools to lead with empathy, connect more meaningfully with each other, and make everyone feel listened to, understood, and valued.

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