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The surest way to fall behind is to stay in status quo. So how do you inspire your team to be more innovative to stay ahead of the competition? Nash believes he has an engaging keynote that will inspire that drive in your audience while keeping them fully captivated and entertained.  

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Keynote "Fuel Your Curiosity. The magic behind innovative thinking"

The message is simple yet powerful: “Curiosity Drives Innovation”. Because being innovative is born from having the curiosity to: explore what ifs, welcome new ideas, and take action. In this entertaining keynote weaving magic, engaging stories and interactive exercises, Nash will teach your team how to harness their curiosity to enhance their innovative thinking so they can create more impactful ideas together.


Learning Outcomes
1 Learn the 4 elements that will boost your curiosity
2 Erase assumptions that are holding you back from big ideas  
3 Discover how to use curiosity to fuel innovation and long term success
4 Learn how to be a curious listener to innovate for impact & improve communication


**Available for in-person, hybrid, and virtual presentations**

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"The keynote went above and beyond our expectations [...] Nash "raised the bar" as we like to say in Amazon"
Phoebe Dunne
EMEA Program Coordinator
"I was particularly happy to hear from those who were initially concerned that we hired "a magician" as a keynote speaker. They were all impressed by how Nash seamlessly tied his magic with meaningful takeaways."
Marcia Hall
Executive Director
"Nash's Keynote aligned perfectly with our vision to believe beyond what's possible. Our team loved the interactivity of the presentation"
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Alice Morris
Executive Assistant

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Phone: 425-772-9411 (USA)