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People are the heartbeat of your organization. Today, more people are looking for leaders who are authentic and empathetic, who genuinely care about their wellbeing and want to help them grow. So what’s the magic behind leading with empathy so you can empower your team and improve employee retention?

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The Magic of Empathetic Leadership Keynote

Communication techniques for empathetic leaders

Drawing from his 16+ years of experience as a crisis line volunteer, Nash learns how empathy can empower others when communicated properly. In this keynote that weaves magic, personal stories, and interactive exercises, Nash will share empathetic communication techniques he learned from crisis line that can improve your leadership role.


Learning Outcome:

1) Learn why extending empathy before problem solving creates better solutions.
2) Create deeper trust from teammates and increase employee retention.
3) Learn 4 practical and simple communication techniques that will make your teammates feel heard, understood, and valued.
4) Understand when empathetic communication creates the biggest impact and take advantage of those moments.

**Available for in-person, hybrid, and virtual presentations**

"I have been to many corporate communication sessions, none were as relatable & impactful as yours"
Ryan Schultz
Assured Partners - President
"All evening and the next day, people were coming up to me to express their happiness with the keynote!"
Janet Hodson
Executive Director of Human Resources
"I have only heard excellent comments and the topic of listening with empathy definitely resonated with everyone!"
Mark Lowdermilk

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