College Success Speaker & Magician | Nash Fung

When top corporations like Amazon, Microsoft, Meta INC want to inspire their onboarding college hires, they invite Nash to deliver an impactful message. What if you can bring his message to your campus to prepare your students for success after college?

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Keynote "Curiosity. Your magic that sets you apart after college"

As an entrepreneur with extensive experiences working with major corporations, Nash notices that people who achieve success in ‘the real world’ often share one undeniable quality: a high level of curiosity. We can prepare your students to be more competitive by first preparing them to become more curious. In this highly entertaining keynote weaving magic, comedic stories, and interactive exercise, your students will learn:


1) Four elements that will boost their curiosity
2) How to use curiosity to create stronger connections with others
3) Identify their goals and be curious to take action on it immediately
4) Erase assumptions that are holding them back from growth


Available for live in-person and virtual presentations. For university events, Nash is represented by Metropolis Management. Please contact Info@Metropolismanagement.com or 510-342-9229 / 510-592-4327 to invite him to your campus.

“Exciting and dumbfounding. He left us in AWE!”
University of Washington
“Best college program I have seen so far”
Colorado College
"Our Vice President is still trying to figure out his magic"
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North Seattle College

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Phone: 425-772-9411 (USA)

Email: Nash@NashFung.com