A big thank you to my TEDx coach Brian Miller. If you are interested in applying for a TEDx talk too, this post is def for you!


🕰️ 2022 December: I was approached by TEDxUofW to submit a talk. I didn’t know what I didn’t know and made many mistakes.

The biggest mistake: Trying to fit too many points into a talk. During the initial interview, I thought I gave them a whole lot of good contents. Demonstrating that I’m knowledgeable in the topic. But in fact, I basically vomited a bunch of “talking points” and muddled the message.


❌ “Thanks but no thanks” was the response from the committee. DENIED. Rejected. Fire ignited all at once. I turn to my old friend Brian whom I met when we were young magicians 🎩 going through the gauntlets of performing at the university market. By now he is a successful consultant who not only helps
companies refine their messages, but is also an internationally renowned TEDx coach who helped many speakers create their viral TEDx talks all over the world!


🎯So we went to work. Fast-forward to a year later. He not only helped me hone in on the key message, but gave me many secret tips on what TEDx organizers want, what constitutes an idea worth sharing, and how to craft the best application! So many applications couldn’t even get thru that 1st step so his help was crucial!


🤜🤛Big thank you to Brian; now I’m ready to share the message with the dedicated team at TEDxUofW. Tickets are now available on


I hope to see you there. And if you too, would like to conquer the TEDx stage one day, talk to my man Brian. I cannot recommend him enough.

Brian Miller’s TEDx coaching program:


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