Innovation comes from taking actions

Do you take action immediately or you let your ideas sit? In my curiosity keynote, I share an important key to being innovative:

💡 The moment you have a new idea, you must commit to taking action immediately! I learned this from being a magician. The moment I created or learned a new trick. I would IMMEDIATELY practice it.

Most magic books would say “practice until it is perfect BEFORE you perform it live”, but …

⏰… what I had learned is it would never be perfect from just practicing by yourself. You need real life performance experiences to truly perfect a new trick. That is why …

🗓️I don’t wait. I’d try out new materials at the very next event on my calendar.

🤜🤛 So if you have an innovative idea, let’s take action right now. Just like a magician where the first step is to practice, for you it might be sitting down and strategically game planning on how you would implement this new idea.

And then try it 😄👍🏼

📽️(In this video I put my belief into practice: I learned how to unlock audiences’ cellphones last week. So I tried it out last night at a corporate conference in Vegas)